The Hoary Horarian

First steps on long journeys are always the hardest; for they must be the point of decision.  Decision is not a comfortable experience for those who are unprepared for it.  Decision requires a degree of certitude that overcomes the anxious condition of ‘not knowing’.

The ancient Greeks had a whole philosophical dialogue addressed to this state of indecision; which they termed ‘ agnoia’. Agnoia did not suggest a state of ignorance; rather it created a place of possibility, wherein new experience might enter in.  This pause, set against the instinctual and overwhelming desire for climax, created a painful anxiety born of inaction. This ‘pregnant’ pause, filled with trepidation, is the space of greatest agony and tension.

Every agony can be followed by an ecstasy, if we ‘get off the dime’ and quit ‘dancing on the razor’s edge’. Not taking that step, not ‘going with the flow’ of life, is the first act of defiance against the gods, or an indifferent chaos. Compelled along an immutable line of existence, those that resist change, commit the sin of “hubris’.  This Greek philosophical concept points to a human failure of self questioning. Humanity’s limited consciousness allowed for ‘arms to short to box with God’; while at the same time, produced an intellect sufficient to ‘wrestle with the better angels of our nature’.

Angelic voices are neither spiritual, nor material; but rather, nagging ambassadors of our intuitions.  These still small voices stir consciences, as well as inexplicable sensations. Intuitions, thus inspire inspirations. We breath the very nature of the ‘ordered universe’ when we meditate on the grander plan of any thing. 

A simple pause from the rushing processes of life relieves us of the need for gurus, swamis, and prophets. Breath in, and simply listen to the ‘chatter’ of a million life times.  The ghosts, the disembodied realities of past and future are broadcasting to our zoasphere in every moment.  Like radio/TV receivers we are but passive receptacles of the the ‘wisdom of ages’, and of sages long gone.

My sole objective in writing this ‘blog’; will be to listen to myself, listening to the universe.  I am but just one broadcast channel amidst a highly saturated media market.  I do not wish to sell, teach, preach, or in any way convince you of the superiority of any concept I might muse upon.  If response is given to my thoughts, I will respect the uniqueness of your perspective.  I have not walked in your shoes, nor seen through your eyes; yet our apparent individuality is probably only our futile attempt at keeping up appearences.      Thanks for being there!  Gary Paul Leason


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