TREPIDATION: The hesitation one experiences in the face of unfamiliar realities. The place of the ‘gut check’; that place beyond which commitment begins.

MOTIVATION: The urge toward movement. Whether progressive or retrograde we are always in motion. Time does not stand still; neither can we! Motivation implies conscious direction; chosen for specific aims and purposes. You can never choose not to choose. Indecision only invites the universe to choose for you. By consciously choosing not to choose, you have chosen. Live with it!

VIRTUE: The dictionary claims this word to be from the Latin ‘virtutis’ with the ‘vir’ meaning ‘man’. The ‘tutis’ part of the word they claim comes from the Latin concept of ‘tutela’; meaning ‘to watch over’. If one takes this simple etymological reasoning at face value; ‘virtue’ is theĀ guardian, the watchman, the tutor, the protector, the shepherd(sheep herder) of humanity.

As the classic ballad ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ pleads for the virtue of a loving friend, lover, and guardian to embrace the responsibility of protection of the tender, innocent, and helpless; an expanded appreciation of the word magically appears.

The dictionary concept of ‘vir’ as ‘man’ seems quite to simplistic to capture the total scope of such an important word in our culture. Other words that stem from this concept are ‘various’, verdant, voracious, virulent, vortex, virago, Virgo, vermin, variety, etc.,etc., etc…….

The real root of this concept can be found in the V/R consonant combination that the Indo/Aryan/European language group established as the brackets to an interchangeable vowel group. In Sanskrit, the word ‘varna’ mean color, or class. In other words, color was the determinant of class in the Indo/Aryan mind. This is the source code concept behind racial and class distinction.
V/R words become mere descriptives of this sorting process.

Think about it! The color receptors in the mammalian brain are a primal source of distinction. Our brains sort by shape, smell, color, touch, taste, and hearing. Our very senses are the culprits in our personal and class pre-judgments, our prejudices.

Our virtues are our powers of distinction. Our discriminating senses, according to Aristotle, are the source data of our rationality. Our rationality is reflective of our proportionality; our ability to weigh one value against another. Value is the product choice. Choice, for the rational being, reflects a considered valuation of alternative opportunities. Freedom is the option of choice, based on perceived self-interest. Perception is the slave of the senses.
I think, therefore I am a slave to the Chaos or the Creator. One way or the other, I am a slave to a process. Does the process reflect ‘pure’ genius or utter madness? You decide, but remember your decision was fore ordained by your biology.

Virtue rests in rationally discovering one’s self-interest weighed against the self interest of the rest of the universe. Virtue rests in realism, the judgement of our effective control of a process beyond our ken, or control. Virtue rests in being ‘green’, being verdant. Being green, implies being supple, growing, vigorous, viable, venturesome, voracious, vexing, and vicious. Being green, means being as greedy as a new-born babe. Unaware, I am just a glorious bundle of want; being selfish, not selfless. GPL

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