The Hoary Horarian

The first word of all works of personal expression is usually I.  Even in bold relief, this central symbolic tenant of psychology and religion slithers its way into to the consciousness. A minimalist vertical presence in the ‘alpha-beta’; if turned to the side, it would appear to disappear.  As a symbolic tenant, it is the tentpole of our language.  Like the tree in the Garden of Eden, it is one of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom that mediate the space between the material and eternal.

What’s the big deal with a damn letter; I can hear you say!  If that is your abiding reaction, please move on………………………..!

If you are patient, curious, literate, and fun loving this locus of learning may suit you.  Yes, this is an exercise in good tailoring!  If you want to be a ‘cut above’ you have to pay meticulous care to the quality of the stitching.  Learning is the ‘suit’ we don, it is the ‘clothes that make the Man’. Humanity donned the skins of its victims, for it was the most fragile and naked of Creation’s creatures.  Of all the affectations that our cultures demand, a precision of ‘stitching’, a taut connectivity of separate realities has been the unique assignment of human genius.  Tailoring, the first and most noble profession.

I am a hoary tailor.  I address you, that I may dress you.  My words are the ‘cut of cloth’ that I drape over your nakedness.  I clothe you in culture and finely join the rough edges of your understanding.  Call me a guru or teacher, but I fancy myself a Master Tailor.

Tailoring is an art.  Art is pure reactivity to the experienced experience, and tailoring raised to its highest form is ‘haute couture’. The art of the guru is a ‘seamless’ integration of seemingly separate realities.  I look good in public, only when you do. You are the pluperfect perfection of my profession.  Please, take my art and wear it proudly.  If I have done my work well, you will do justice to the passion you now possess.

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